About the GNC Technical Alliance

The Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance (previously GTAM) is a common global mechanism endorsed by over 40 Global Nutrition Clusters.
GNC partners provide systematic, predictable, timely and coordinated nutrition technical assistance in order to meet the nutrition rights and needs of people affected by and at risk of emergencies. It is led by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with World Vision International (WVI) as co-lead, in collaboration with a leadership team (GNC Technical Alliance-LT) consisting of Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) as the knowledge management (KM) partner, the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) and International Medical Corps (IMC).

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Why the GNC Technical Alliance?

The GNC Technical Alliance was established to:

  • Provide coherent technical guidance
  • Facilitate easy access to technical resources
  • Ensure that countries receive quality technical support in a timely manner
  • Effectively meet country technical advice and guidance needs
  • Promote coherence and excellence in the provision of nutrition-related technical support to countries undergoing humanitarian crises, or those at risk


The GNC Technical Alliance Services

The GNC Technical Alliance supports three pillars of work:

Provide technical advice - provide feedback to questions from individuals/agencies working in countries experiencing emergencies within a short timeframe primarily where relevant normative guidance exists and is available.

Facilitate consensus driven guidance - identify urgent needs for interim operational guidance and facilitate the process of developing such guidance, based on consensus amongst experts, enabling a timely response to nutrition-related emergencies.

Provide specialized technical expertise - support provision of specific technical expertise required by a country to deliver results for nutrition. Technical expertise support may be in the form of deployment of human resources, remote support of technical staff or capacity building.

Benefits of the GNC Technical Alliance
  • Leverages and maximizes existing resources and capacities at different levels
  • Enhances collaboration between actors working in the field of Nutrition in Emergencies
  • Flags priority areas for guidance and knowledge generation and avoids duplication in guidance development

The GNC Technical Alliance Team

The GNC Technical Alliance has a leadership team that includes UNICEF, World Vision, the Emergency Nutrition Network, the Global Nutrition Cluster Coordination Team, and International Medical Corps. The core team works with global nutrition partners and existing or new Global Thematic Working Groups to respond to countries’ technical needs. 

Many partners are involved in different aspects of the GNC Technical Alliance such as; Action Against Hunger Canada; Action Against Hunger Spain; Action Against Hunger UK; Action Against Hunger USA; Action Contre la Faim France; ADRA; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CHEERing; Concern Worldwide; Eleanor Cook Foundation; ENN; Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations; Global Nutrition Cluster; GOAL; HelpAge; IBFAN; iMMAP; International Medical Corps; International Orthodox Christian Charities; International Rescue Committee; Medicine San Frontiers; RedR UK; Save the Children UK; Save the Children US; SafelyFed Canada; Samaritans Purse United Nations Children’s Fund; United Nations World Food Programme; USAID; USAID/OFDA; Valid International; World Health Organization and World Vision and many independent individuals. 

Organizations in the GNC Technical Alliance leadership team