• Request support for nutrition coordination, information management and nutrition in emergencies

  • التماس الدعم لتنسيق التغذية وإدارة المعلومات والتغذية في حالات الطوارئ

  • Buscar apoyo para la coordinación de la nutrición, la gestión de la información y la nutrición en situaciones de emergencia

  • Demander un appui pour la coordination de la nutrition, la gestion de l'information et la nutrition dans les situations d'urgence

  • Solicite apoio para coordenação em nutrição, gestão de informação e nutrição em emergências

Publication: 26 May 2023

In late 2021, the Nutrition Cluster in Burkina Faso reached out to us for technical support. The country was in the throes of crisis as communities faced food insecurity, natural disasters, conflicts caused by armed groups and inter-community tensions and, of course, the COVID 19 pandemic.

Many families were displaced throughout the country. In fact, the…

Publication: 17 May 2023

A theme that has emerged consistently in interviews with professionals from past Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreaks is the difficulty in knowing how to provide nutritional care in Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs); particularly, what type of nutritional care is feasible and how it can be balanced with the other clinical demands of a high-risk zone. The lack of…

Publication: 13 Apr 2023

Global Thematic Working Groups (GTWGs), provide a platform for developing timely consensus-driven stop-gap guidance in response to key technical gaps identified by the Alliance. Thematic areas covered by the GTWGs currently include child wasting prevention and treatment, Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE), Nutrition Information Systems (NIS),…

Publication: 30 Mar 2023

March is a month of reflection upon women’s rights – a time when individuals, groups and organisations translate their hopes for gender parity into calls-to-action. In the nutrition sphere, there are several aspects that negatively impact the health and nutrition of women and girls due to oppressive gender norms and gender-based violence (GBV). One such aspect…

Publication: 30 Mar 2023

Myanmar has been in a continuous state of civil war since its independence in 1948 after 63 years of British colonization – making it the longest ongoing civil war in the world. In February 2021, the Myanmar military took over power and declared a year-long state of emergency after they were displeased with the election results. The political crisis forged the way…