Nutrition Information Systems

A Nutrition Information System collects, analyses, interprets and reports information on the nutritional status of populations and most importantly uses this information to inform appropriate response strategies. A functioning NIS is characterized by a coordinated set of processes for collecting, storing, analysing and disseminating nutrition data and information. There are various sources of nutrition data, these include various population-based surveys, sentinel sites and health facility programme data which are used in nutrition surveillance and monitoring.


The Nutrition Information System (NIS) GTWG came together in 2019 and currently has 17 members. The co-chairs are Action Against Hunger and UNICEF. The members include IMC, Valid, Save the Children, WFP, CDC and the GNC.

During the first quarter of 2021, the NIS GTWG set up a task force to support Yemen country representatives in identifying potential sources of nutrition information to inform the IPC acute malnutrition analysis. The group also worked to develop a standardised IYCF-E assessment (in collaboration with the IFE Core Group) and worked on guidance on the use of Multisector Needs Assessments in Nutrition (MSNAs).

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