CVA and Nutrition

Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) can be an effective tool to address economic barriers to adequate nutrition. There is a growing evidence base from peer-reviewed studies and operational learning on the opportunities and limitations of using CVA as part of nutrition responses.

The Nutrition and Cash and Voucher Assistance GTWG

The Nutrition and Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Global Thematic Working Group (GTWG) was re-invigorated in April 2021, with two new chairs at the helm of the group. Building on the work of the previous Reference Group which developed the Nutrition and CVA Evidence & Guidance Note, this group aims to map key initiatives using CVA for nutrition outcomes and identify technical knowledge gaps and implementation challenges. As a broad objective, the group aims to generate interest in CVA and nutrition outcomes and promote exchanges between relevant sectors and actors at the country, regional and global level particularly through knowledge management, capacity strengthening and advocacy. The group is currently co-chaired by Concern Worldwide and Save the Children and meets quarterly.

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