• Request support for nutrition coordination, information management and nutrition in emergencies

  • التماس الدعم لتنسيق التغذية وإدارة المعلومات والتغذية في حالات الطوارئ

  • Buscar apoyo para la coordinación de la nutrición, la gestión de la información y la nutrición en situaciones de emergencia

  • Demander un appui pour la coordination de la nutrition, la gestion de l'information et la nutrition dans les situations d'urgence

  • Solicite apoio para coordenação em nutrição, gestão de informação e nutrição em emergências

The GNC Technical Alliance provided in-depth support for Nutrition Information System to India.

Past support to India

Nutrition information (2021)
Are you interested in developing nutrition information? The below past support to India can help you.




India has the highest child undernutrition rates in the world and was also heavily affected by COVID-19. The pandemic had a broad impact affecting health, nutrition and education services as well as livelihoods and the economy.  The rationale of the Technical Support was to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on nutrition programs such as Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices, and nutrition monitoring which would then strengthen the nutrition information system. This Technical Support also fostered collaboration among partners for joint nutrition programming as well as monitoring. The support also aimed at strengthening the Covid -19 nutrition website in a way that is well organized and user-friendly. 

Key Achievement: 

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with partners for the development of joint nutrition- COVID-19 information management systems. 

  • Conducted comprehensive desk reviews for COVID-19 and nutrition information such as policies, guidelines, and programs. 

  • Conducted several meetings with IT experts which improved COVID-19 and nutrition website. 

  • Provided capacity building to partners to analyse COVID-19 and nutrition information.

Poshan COVID-19 and Nutrition Monitoring